Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Break

Once again I've removed my posts (saved for myself). I think for real this time. I will probably start blogging again soon, here, but if and when I do I'll be doing things differently.

I am ok, things are hard, but I am ok. I hope to be back, with a more positive tone, soon.

Much love to anyone who stops by here, the people I know and to the people I only know about through viewing the stats, the people who gave up and couldn't stand anymore of my rambling (not that they'll be reading this...), to the friends who email, all of you, well except you Mr Spam and co.

Not the Egg makes lines anymore but I thought it would be nice to include a couple of his old lovely lines for old times sake:

Tracey (aka rainbowmummy) x

ps You can still reach me at rainbowmummy at hotmail dot com.